Get to know your Seller Dashboard

After you’ve been approved to sell on TackleSpy and log in for the first time, you will be taken to the following screen on the “front” side of TackleSpy:

Under My Vendor Dashboard you will see a link of: “Click here to acces [YOUR BAIT SHOP]”. Click that link to be taken to your backend Dasbhoard of your shop, which will look like this:

Dashboard Menu #

The left hand menu in your dashboard contains all the links you need to manage your shop. Here is an overview of the Dashboard menu:

  • Dashboard
  • Comments – this is where you manage all comments left by customers on your products.
  • Products – this is where you actually Add & Manage Products in your shop.
  • Vendor Profile – this page has multiple tabs at the top: General, Front Page, Payments, Vacation.
    • General – you shouldn’t need to adjust anything here.
    • Payments – you can connect and disconnect your Stripe Account from this page.
    • Front page – this is where you can show off your shop. Here you are able to create a store description, add a header image for your shop, add an ‘avatar’ (we recommend uploading your logo as your avatar).
    • Vacation – you can set your shop on vacation mode, for when you take a break or go on a fishing trip.
  • Sales Reports – various reports on sales you’ve made on TackleSpy.
  • Commissions – details about commissions you’ve earned.
  • Profile – this is more of your personal account details.

Your Vendor Profile Page #

And here is the Front page tab of your store, where you can set your header image, logo, and store description:

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