How Selling On TackleSpy Works

This is an overview of how selling on TackleSpy works.

Whether you are an existing tackle shop or a small lure maker, it all works the same.

One thing we’ve realized is important to share with people thinking about selling on TackleSpy is that we control & cover all shipping costs. Keep reading to learn more about it.

  1. You create a Shop. Your shop exists both on it’s own, and within the larger Store on TackleSpy
  2. Your Shop will have your logo, a cover image (your branding), and will be accessible to anyone at your shop’s web address, such as
  3. Your Shop is a self-contained ecommerce store – you can accept credit cards, list & manage your own products, put items on sale, and more.
  4. All of your products are also placed into the larger TackleSpy Marketplace, where we will encourage people from around the country to see & purchase your products.
  5. When someone orders from your Shop, or orders your products from the Marketplace, three things will happen:
    1. You will get notified of the order via email, including all relevant details.
    2. We will send you a pre-paid shipping label for you to send out the order via United States Postal Service (USPS).
    3. Your share of the money for order will be sent to your Connected Stripe Account, which deposits into your bank account on a two-day rolling schedule.

Next Steps For You

  1. Create a Stripe Account. You can do this when you sign up as a Vendor for TackleSpy, or you can set one up now, and connect it in a few clicks to your TackleSpy account.
  2. Register As A Vendor on TackleSpy so that you can start adding your products.

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