Making Your Shop Shine – Logos, Pictures, Cover Image

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We encourage you to build out your brand. We hope you become successful – even if that is outside of the TackleSpy Marketplace. We do hope that our tools, help and access to buyers will keep you around for a long time to come.

Your shop will show off your logo and a cover photo. Think of these as like on Facebook: your logo is like your profile picture, while your cover photo is the big image at the top of your page.

You control how your Front Page (your shop) looks by going to your vendor dashboard -> then Vendor Profile -> then click on the Front Page tab.

Cover photo #

Many sizes of cover photos will work, but a good idea is to simply take the same photo (or at least same size) you have over on Facebook and use it as your cover photo. If you need help, shoot us an email.

Logo #

Upload your logo into your store where it says “Avatar” in the Vendor Profile under Front Page.

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