Shipping Your Orders: TackleSpy Shipping Envelopes and Boxes

Here are basic TackleSpy shipping guidelines and recommendations.

When you ship an item you’ve sold on TackleSpy, we request that Vendors use some form of TackleSpy Branding on the packaging. This is to ensure a smooth experience for the customer. We want the order to be from TackleSpy. What’s inside, is all your brand.

There are three ways we request you utilize our TackleSpy Brand on your packages:

  1. Using a provided purple padded envelope that is similar to the purple we use in our logo and on our webiste;
  2. Using a standard brown cardboard box and applying a provided TackleSpy sticker label;
  3. Using a provided TackleSpy sticker label AND a provided purple mailer.

Any of these methods are acceptable. At times, you may have to mix and match to achieve some level of TackleSpy branding. We simply as that you do your best to help show off our brand to the customer, and we will do the same on our end. By working together, we can create a customer experience that will ensure we both get repeat business and positive word of mouth buzz.

Examples of TackleSpy Shipping Packages #

Purple Padded Envelopes in 3 Sizes:

  • 4″ X 8″
  • 6″ x 10″
  • 8.5″ X 12″

These mailers are quality padded envelopes and are perfect for a variety of products. They’re currently available from third parties ( We do not make these, we simply order them. While we can provide these early on in your Vendor journey, we recommend ensuring you have a stock of the common size you typically use. We will help coordinate this as we get you started.

4″ X 8″ Padded Envelope
6″ X 10″ Padded Envelope
8.5″ X 12″ Padded Envelope

Standard Cardboard Boxes #

When you need to use a cardboard box, we ask that you put a TackleSpy label sticker on the opposite side as the shipping label.

When shipping is calculated by the shopping cart on TackleSpy, these are the box dimensions it is currently using. This means that you need to use the same size boxes or, ideally, use the boxes we provide to you.

We are currently supplying our vendors with 2 sizes of cardboard shipping boxes:

  • 7″ x 5″ x 4″
  • 12″ x 9″ x 4″

Here are examples showing the boxes with TackleSpy label stickers applied:

7X5X4 Cardboard Box
12X9X4 Cardboard Box

We try to make TacklSpy shipping easy for you while ensuring a great experience for our shared customers. If you have shipping questions, send us an email to admin (at) and we will be glad to help. Happy selling!

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