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As you build out your shop, be sure to consider taking high quality, professional photos of your products.

The great news is that in modern times, almost all of us carry around a nearly professional camera right in our pocket, so there is no need to spend money hiring a photographer.

A picture says a 1,000 words. Make sure your products show how you intend.

  • Use good lighting
  • A solid color ( black or white) background is typically best, though a natural background such as river rocks can produce good images.
  • Consider getting a professional product photo box (about $40) from Amazon.
  • Use your smartphone camera – most are high quality (HQ) and this makes transfering easier via email if needed.
  • Focus only on the product, avoid other items or distractions in the image. 
  • If your product has multiple colors, be sure and take images of each color to show off what you’re selling.

Here is the photobox we use when we help vendors get their shops up and running:

Tabletop Product Photo Box #

The Upgrade Emart 14″ x 16″ Photography Table Top Light Box 104 LED Portable Photo Studio Shooting Tent we found on Amazon does an adequate job. It’s $40 and if you are serious about selling products on TackleSpy, we highly reccommend.

We recently purchased one and took a few shots with a newer model smartphone. Before long, we ended up with some excellent pictures of some tackle we had lying around:

Jig shot in the tabletop photobox. There are small shadows, but the picture has not been edited on a PC.
Pompano Jig. Again, small shadows, but we’d be happy if we put this in our shop.
Worm that has some pretty impressive detail for quick work with the photobox.

We are always available to help you with pictures. If you are having trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Send us an email to admin (at) tacklespy.com and we will provide you 1 on 1 assistance to make sure you can get great photos of your products. You work hard on your shop, let’s show off your products in the best way possible.

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