Install an internet connected remote water temperature sensor from AnglerSpy to publish water temperatures online, drive Google search traffic, contribute to the network, and grow your brand. Water temperatures will be hosted on, sponsored by your business or organization, and will produce high quality Google Search traffic of enthusiastic anglers and recreational boaters.

    Gain Exposure

    People look for water temperatures online for your body of water. They need to find your unit and your water temperatures, alongside your brand – all on our website called AnglerSpy. You install the unit, we publish and promote it via Google, Facebook, and other channels. Get targeted eyeballs and increased exposure by offering your customers something no one else hasreal-time hourly water temperatures on any device for their favorite body of water. 

    Join The Network

    Many of the real-time water temperatures found on AnglerSpy are measured & recorded by our own proprietary equipment. You can now purchase and install your own and Join the AnglerSpy Network. Gain exposure to anglers and lake enthusiasts for your business and brand by including links, logos, and advertisements for your company alongside exclusive water temperatures for your body of water. 

    Cost Effective & Targeted Promotion

    For less than a newpaper ad, you can get in front of thousands of targeted potential customers.

    Scenario: a fisherman or recreational boater searches Google for “water temperature [YOUR WATER BODY]” on Google. As we work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they will find our website listing YOUR unit as the #1 Search Result.

    That person is clearly very motivated to enjoy the water in some manner, whether it be fishing or water sports. Put your name in front of them to influence buying decisions while providing value and establishing authority from the git-go. Whether it’s gas and snacks at your marina or buying lures from your TackleSpy shop, you’ll reap big rewards from a small, one-time investment.

    Living Proof of Google Search Ranking

    We’re from the Missouri – the Show Me State. See for yourself.

    1. Go to Google right now.
    2. Type in “Lake of the Ozarks water temperature
    3. Now try “water temperature Table Rock Lake

    How did it go? If you think your business would benefit from being tied to a #1 Google Search Ranking, let’s get started putting your business on AnglerSpy.

    One-Time Cost, Ongoing Exposure

    When you purchase this remote water temperature sensor and partner with AnglerSpy, you buy it once and enjoy exposure for years to come. Our original units in the White River Lakes of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas have reported each hour like clock-work for going on 6 years. There is always the potential for damage to the unit by unforseen field conditions or accidents, but generally speaking, your small investment will produce expsoure for your business for a long time to come.

    Don’t Wait

    We have began to experience some competition in Google search for water temperatures for various lakes & other waterways. Don’t wait, jump in today. Be the gateway for water data for your home waterway. Join the AnglerSpy Network today!

    Weight32 oz
    Dimensions9 × 12 × 4 in


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