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Do you make fishing lures? Custom Lake Maps? Do you produce a ned rig that smallmouth can’t resist? Or a fly that catches trophy trout? Turn your talent into dollars with TackleSpy! Gain access to a growing marketplace of enthusiastic anglers from across the United States. When you build your own online bait shop on the TackleSpy Marketplace, you can turn your passion into profits.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior pouring lead in your garage or an existing tackle shop, TackleSpy makes it easy to get your online shop up and running while gaining access to our audience, ecommerce platform, marketing tools, and more.

What is TackleSpy?

TackleSpy is an online marketplace where people make, sell, and buy fishing tackle & goods. We’re a community advocating for small businesses & individuals, not big box stores. When you become a Vendor on, you unlock the ability to sell whatever it is you make – be it an awesome Ned rig, irresitable football jigs, or “the best swimbait your fishing buddies have ever used” – to a growing community of thousands of enthusastic anglers around the country.

TackleSpy allows you to gain access to customers beyond your local fishing club. We are fishermen ourselves, on the weekend. Monday through Friday? We’re tech gurus and digital marketers. We aren’t masters at making incredible lures – but you are. TackleSpy is where we can team up.

We’ve got the platform. You’ve got the lures. Let’s be partners.

Join Free

It is 100% Free to join TackleSpy as a vendor. Get your shop up and running, begin accepting payments, and access our audience of enthusiastic anglers. Only pay when you make a sale.

Tools to Grow

We use WooCommerce™ & Stripe™, trusted partners in E-commerce, to provide a safe platform to sell the things you make. With that comes the tools you need to grow your tackle business.


Your success is our success. We’re here to help with shop set-up, management, shipping & tax settings, and more. Learn from us and our community of other vendors just like you.

Seller Fees

There is NO COST to join TackleSpy as a vendor, and there are no listing fees or ongoing service costs. We do earn a small commission on each sale you make that is calcuated and paid when the customer checks out. You will get paid every two days.

Ask us about Seller Fees here.

Support & How-To

We’re here with you every step of the way. We’re real humans based in the Midwest. We offer phone, email, & text support for our vendors. Beyond that, we are building out the TackleSpy Seller Knowledge Base.

The success of our vendors is paramount to the success of the entire TackleSpy Marketplace. We are in this together.

Security & Peace of Mind

TackleSpy uses WooCommerce™, an E-commerce platform, to connect Vendors (you) with your customers (enthusiastic anglers who buy things on TackleSpy). WooCommerce is a trusted system for engaging in business online.

To exchange money safely & securely and to ensure you get paid on a regular basis, TackleSpy partners with Stripe™.

Combined with industry-standard SSL & HTTPS protocols, TackleSpy is a safe place to sell your goods.

Tools To Grow Your Business

Every shop on TackleSpy becomes part of the entire online store that is TackleSpy. Not only do you get to access a growing community of people who love what you make, you’ll also get additional tools such as:

  • Accept Credit Cards – no more Venmo or Paypal – your shop will use Stripe™, a globally trusted payments partner.
  • Coupons & Discounts – incentivize your customers to buy from you with coupon codes.
  • Gain Reviews – earn a positive reputation on your shop and each product you sell.
  • Shop Analytics – see how many people visit your shop and how much you’ve sold.
  • We service all orders through our enterprise shipping tools.

Get Paid!

Get Direct Deposits right to your connected bank account once you’ve set up your Stripe™ account and connected it to TackleSpy.

Thinking of becoming a vendor? Questions? Just curious?

This is Ben. I'm in charge of Vendor Success here at TackleSpy. I'm here to help you build your store, grow your brand, and sell more of what it is you sell. I'm a digital advertising expert who happens to enjoy catching smallmouth when I can. We've got all the tools here at TackleSpy - we just need YOU.

Let's build something together.

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