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What is TackleSpy?

TackleSpy is a marketplace which connects sellers of fishing goods to buyers of fishing goods.

Who can use TackleSpy?

The general public can sign up and use TackleSpy to purchase fishing equipment from various vendors in the United States.


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Pesonally Identifiable Information and Payment Methods

When you engage in a purchase on the TackleSpy Marketplace, you will enter in personally identifiable information (PII) as well as credit card information. While we do store your PII in a secure manner in order to fullfil your order, your credit card or payment information is not stored on our servers. By using this service, you allow us to enage with third parties to complete your order, including but not limited to credit card processing, shipping processing, and general order fullfilment.

Transactional Emails

You will recieve transactional emails from TackleSpy when you place an order. These are only for the purposes of communicating with you the details of your order and are separate from marketing emails you may recieve from us by creating an account. You may occasionally receive transactional emails from third parties on our behalf related to your order on TackleSpy.

Guarantee of Goods

While we make efforts to ensure the quality of our Vendors and their products, we cannot extend any guarantee in regards to them, their actions, or the products they sell on TackleSpy. We hold no inventory and serve simply as the platform to connect buyers and sellers.


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